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I want someone to really want me. Make a big deal about me, tell me I’m on your mind way too fucking much but you kinda like it. Make it completely obvious that I’m the person you want. Tell me you can’t wait to see me; show me how you feel so I can feel it too.
Make me feel something I’ve never felt before. Tell your friends about me & I’ll tell them about how you make butterflies swam my stomach. Want me as much as I want you.

at this point i dont know what to do anymore..</3

as i lay here in bed with you next to me i cant help but think this isnt going to be like this forever..

i constantly think that your talking to someone who can give you the world better than i can.. who will let you do everything you want to do in your life..

i just am some girl who tells you not do to things and tries to change you..

i wish i was different on how i felt about things but im not..

ill never change how i feel about certain things..

i honestly wish you were just happy…

It is often in the darkest
skies that we see the
brightest stars.

Richard Evans (via feellng)

(Source: feellng)


you don’t realize how attached you are to someone until you go without talking to them for a bit

nothing anyone can do,

its official.

im completely dead inside.

my heart doesnt even beat.

but thats okay,

im always alone

this is what i deserve.

no one will ever understand

why im so depressed